Tally Myners Alto 1 Soprano 2

Tally Myners

Position: Publicity Officer (and Time Warden?)

Joined in: 2016

Glowing with a permanently enviable tan, Tally can regularly be seen through our phone screens in far off locations, in which we wish we were but aren’t. Many of us would sell a limb in order to gain her knowledge of fashion, and potentially the other matching limb in order to buy her wardrobe, which is 99% Brandy Melville. But even if that happened, Tally would never take hospitalisation as an excuse for being late for rehearsal. As the unofficial Time Warden, she has mastered the withering look which befits a late arrival, and her sarky comments are second to none. Since joining, she’s grown into a performer who regularly brings us to tears, either because her voice is beautiful or because we’re slightly scared of her. Never sure which.

Course: Art history
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: My bike?
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: A pirate
Favourite Singer/Band: Mura Masa or Van Morrison
One Thing I’m Great At: Being on time
One Thing I’m Awful At: Going to Unit 1 and having a good time
All Time Favourite Song: Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - MJ!!!