Sarah Hunt Musical Director Alto 2 Alto 1 Soprano 2 Beatboxing

Sarah Hunt

Position: Co-Musical Director

Joined in: 2016

Sarah is... well, actually, she was responsible for writing the bios and is totally stuck on what to say about herself. Conceivably, I could just tell the truth and say that I’m the fittest member of the group by a mile and feel that the others are just holding me back but... it’s a bit much. I guess I could say hi, I’m Sarah and I’m from London, my favourite type of cheese is cheddar because I know what’s good and would never give into anyone who argued that feta is better because it’s more exotic and also rhymes. Realistically, you can find me in the freezer aisle of Tesco stocking up on frozen peas because they sustain my life, appearing on a quiz show because money or selling my body to science (again) because (again) money. Student loans don’t cover everything, people. Some people say I’m in the group because my voice is ok, but you’d have to buy me a drink to find out. Preferably blackcurrant squash.

Course: Liberal Arts, majoring in English with proficiency in Spanish
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Out Of The Blue’s YouTube channel
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Shorter than I already was
Favourite Singer/ Band: Gorillaz
One Thing I’m Great At: Hiding in plain sight when I haven’t got my glasses on, literally why does no one recognise me.
One Thing I’m Awful At: Keeping my clothes in my wardrobe and not all over my floor
All Time Favourite Song: All I Want For Christmas Is You (all year round)