Nadya Kumar Alto 3

Nadya Kumar

Joined in: 2017

Nadya is a TV star. You heard it here first. Well, you might have heard it on some random programme about holidaying in Croatia, but you probably didn’t watch that. We’re still convinced she’s an expert on Croatian holidays, but be careful; get Nadya talking and you’ll have to cancel all your plans for the next three days because she will not stop. Some of what she says is interesting sometimes. On our recent travels to Bristol, Nadya ditched the lot of us to party with friends in Bath, but she’s not always so flaky: at her first Firehouse gig, it took her about an hour to stop talking about how awesome it was performing with us, and the only reason she stopped is because we fed her loads of the pizza we got paid with. It’s a common belief that Nadya and Saz have been avoiding each other for their whole lives, each going to school in the place the other lives, thus evading interaction for eighteen years. Unfortunately uni’s ruined that now. Nadya rivals Booty for the most emotional performance face: someone’s going to have to learn to cry on cue or it will just be stalemate forever.

Course: History
One thing I can’t live without: Probably bacon or my cat
What I wanted to be when I grew up: No idea tbh, Alex from Wizards of Waverley Place or just Selena Gomez really or an actress - let’s go with that
Fave singer/band: these are hard - UM can’t really chose one but love a bit of Stevie Zonder or alternatively love some Catfish and the Bottlemen
One thing I’m great at: Walking I love a good long walk (not uphill) lol or doing my makeup at record speed
One thing I’m awful at: keeping my stories short
All time favourite song: The Way You Make Me Feel - MJ !!!!!!!!