Libby Stalbow Alto 1 Soprano 2

Libby Stalbow

Joined in: 2016

Libby has the hair that everyone else in the group wants but is too scared to ask for at the hairdressers. This immense bravery and stylish look is not the reason she passed the audition, but may have possibly been a slight possible reason. She does have a stunning voice, and a voice which she used at Fringe 2016 to reveal a shocking secret. Despite having introduced herself as Libby, NO ONE else in the world calls her this. However, after a hushed meeting in which we discussed the prior existent of Liv, Lal, Loz and Labs, we voted against ‘Lib’ and continue calling her by her fake name. However, following the ICCAs, another name looms on the horizon. First came TLC and Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez. Then came Sweet Nothings and Libby ‘Left Arm’ Stalbow. She will never live that choreo blunder down.

Course: English Lit
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: my cat
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: I literally had no ambition as a child
Favourite Singer/Band: Kodaline
One Thing I’m Great At: giving straight answers
One Thing I’m Awful At: knowing when to moderate the straight answers
All Time Favourite Song: Where does the good go by Tegan and Sara