Juliette Francois Alto 1 Soprano 2 Beatboxer

Juliette Francois

Joined in: 2015

Hailing from the distant land of France, Juliette is well acquainted with the language of romance – beatboxing. Having blessed her London for the last year with her sick boots and cats, Juliette is now back with a vengeance, perpetually ready to drop the bass for a group newly energised by her Fringe lighting booth dancing. Despite our love for this encouragement, we’re still afraid to make eye contact with her lest we should start laughing and make fools of ourselves. She’s also the absolute miracle worker and genius who made this website, and since she’s not allowed to change what’s being written on it, this sentence is here to stay.

Course: IT Management for Business
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: The Alternative 80s Spotify playlist
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Master of the Universe / an otter (fight me!)
Favourite Singer/Band: Kasabian
One Thing I’m Great At: Sleeping
One Thing I’m Awful At: Staying awake
All Time Favourite Song: Can't help falling in love with you - Elvis Presley
Hobbies: Netflix (it's time they start a Netflix course surely, I'd definitely get a first), singing (duh), going to otter sanctuaries and cry the whole way through.