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Joy Mumbi

Joined in: 2017 

It’s difficult to describe exactly what Joy brings to the group: happiness, fun, elation... nope, can’t think of the word. Having made the switch from choirs to A Cappella, Joy can only be described as a girl of impeccable taste. While she may be softly spoken, Joy nonetheless has a gift like no other: words of advice for every struggle, every problematic boy, and every inkling of self-doubt that crops up in the group. You need listen for no more than the word "Honey..." to be sure that a slice of worldly wisdom will soon by coming your way. Before you know it, you’ve bought a one way ticket to Hawaii and started a surf school all on your own. New to the Sweets this year, Joy has been known to ask if we really have to wear red lipstick. Okay, three things: a) We’re Sweet Nothings. Over half of our talent is just in our makeup application. b) We’d have to re-order the stash jumpers. And c) Joy you SLAY in red lippie. I’ll hear no more, over and out.

Course: Politics and IR
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Gold Highlighter ✨
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: A Doctor (cliché, I know)
Favourite Singer/Band: Fantasia
One Thing I’m Great At: Avoiding arguments
One Thing I’m Awful At: Pretending I have done the reading for the seminar.
All Time Favourite Song: Let Praises Rise (Trey McLaughlin cover)