It’s Alive!


Here it is! The Sweet Nothings website is finally here for all our fans to peruse and admire! Since we decided that 2018 would mark the beginning of our journey to become international rock stars, we thought we would need to provide a new, more professional platform for you to follow and learn about us.

This website has everything:

  • The dates of our next performances, so you can come and support us. The dates should be given with enough time to print your t-shirts and order your foam fingers – so no excuses, really.

  •  An About section to tell you a bit more about the group. Essentially a paragraph about our achievements and about us being absolute legends.

  •  A Meet the Sweets section with a list of alumni and photos & descriptions of each of the beautiful, wonderful, amazing current members of the group. We have a legal obligation to tell you that prolonged exposure to the headshots can lead to infatuation, loss of control and ultimately heartbreak.

  • The two charities we have had the amazing opportunity to work with – Honeylands and Robbiesrally – and for which we released our two fantastic videos ‘Telephone’ and ‘Chandelier’.

  • Blog posts posted regularly(ish) (we’re not making any promises), to keep you updated on our latest adventures, and random thoughts.

  •  A gallery of wonderful photos. See legal note above.

  • Videos of performances and music videos we poured our hearts and souls into. You’re welcome.

  • A way to contact us, praise us, be our friends.

We are very excited to start this fun adventure and very happy you decided to read this nonsense.

Love always! Xx

Sweet Nothings



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