Ellie Oretti Alto 2 Alto 3

Ellie Oretti

Position: Co-Musical Director

Joined in: 2014

She’s back, and better than ever. Our very own Alice has returned from her Wonderland (i.e. Hong Kong), with a RIDICULOUS tan and an even greater capacity for spicy food. Following her unofficial role as Foreign Correspondent last year, Ellie has taken on every committee position under the sun in what some people call an incredible commitment to A-Capella, and what others call desperation to have something on the CV once she graduates. A knight-ess (?) in shining armour and a red top, she swooped in to save our Fringe run in 2017, and, despite playing the wrong note, stopping the show and telling the audience she was having a mare, did a solid job. In her second stint as an MD, the group is excited to hear her new arrangements but a bit nervous that she’ll leave after achieving her single most important goal, the resurrection of the song Diamonds from Fringe two years ago. Let it go, babe.

Course: History with study abroad (I went to Hong Kong everyone)
One Thing I Can't Live Without: Telling everyone I went to Hong Kong/Fajita spice mix
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Favourite Singer/Band: Maroon 5 back when they were good
One Thing I'm Great At: Eyeliner wings
One Thing I'm Awful At: Keeping the eyeliner on my face when I'm sweating up Forum Hill
All Time Favourite Song: Faith by George Michael