Booty Lloyd Alto 3

Booty Lloyd

Joined in: 2015

What a cutie. Booty is not only regularly voted as the nicest person in Sweet Nothings (and the one who made the newbies in ’16 relaxed enough to sing in auditions rather than faint in fear), she is also the first to pick up all choreo. Ok, maybe the second to pick it up, but that’s probably because she’s too busy making the LITERAL CUTEST compilation videos of our bootcamp experiences. When she points a camera at us, all tiredness and hopelessness evaporates into a barrage of dancing and laughter, only half of which is faked. Her positivity is relentless, and she only showed the tiniest twinge of rage when the shot of her waist deep in the freezing cold sea was cut from the Chandelier music video. As our resident rapper, she brings our cool rating up by at least another 86%. That's a fact.

Course: Sociology
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Dancing
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: A cat
Favourite Singer/Band: Tom Misch
One Thing I’m Great At: Sleeping
One Thing I’m Awful At: Living a healthy lifestyle
All Time Favourite Song: I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston