Annabelle Pugh, Soprano 1

Annabelle Pugh
Joined in: 2017

Annabelle is not, as many would believe, a biological clone of our other top sop Alex. One could be forgiven: they look the same, have nine-letter names beginning with A, can both sing insanely high and are super stylish, but other than that they’re, like, totally different people. Annabelle’s fresh into the group this year, so committee is keeping hush hush about the fact that we only let her in the group because we wanted to engineer an Oprah-style reunion for these long-lost twins. Turns out they’re not related but we probably won’t tell her our mistake until next year just to soften the blow. It took all of five minutes for us to nickname her Babybelle, not because she’s small, round and covered in wax but because she’s the youngest in the group and it’s a pun on her name. Wins the SN awards for cutest laugh, most envied coat and owner of biggest bar of chocolate seen so far this year.

Course: English
One Thing I Can't Live Without: Nandooooos
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Hannah Montana
Favourite Singer/Band: Coldplay/ Chris Martin
One Thing I'm Great At: Being confused
One Thing I'm Awful At: Keeping up with reading
All Time Favourite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen