Alice Tyler - Alto 1 Soprano 2

Alice Tyler
Joined in: 2017

Alice may be fresh to Sweet Nothings but she’s no noob: she’s a seasoned professional in the world of A-Cappella, having been in the Bristol Suspensions from 2015 to 2017. Now in a telling rite of passage, she’s moved up in the world by coming to Exeter, and has done the right thing by ditching the boys and embracing all-female A-Cappella, which is the best kind (have you even SEEN Pitch Perfect?). We’re trying to be subtle about it but we may or may not be using her as an insider to steal the secrets of how to get to the ICCA UK finals. Alice has inadvertently been the official tester of group empathy this year when, after a night out, she promised to text to let us know she was home safe. Three hours later we were all fretting, convinced she’d been abducted. Little did we know, she’d texted her Bristol Susp group chat by accident. Move on, babe. We’re your guardian angels now.

Course: PGCE Primary with English specialism
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: Pyjamas or chocolate probs
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: Popstar in a girl group (dream come true ay)
Favourite Singer/Band: I actually don’t know but I used to be the most obsessed Belieber for like 4 years, probably shouldn't have admitted this but oh well (my twitter account was alicebieber )
One Thing I’m Great At: Sleeping
One Thing I’m Awful At: Waking up early
All Time Favourite Song: Omg how do you even answer this, Alice out.