Alex Saint Sweet Nothing Business Manager

Alex Saint

Position: Business Manager

Joined in: 2016

We’re not sure if she enjoys breaking into helium balloon factories, but Alex can sing insanely high and we’re all jealous. Fresh from the classical scene, she has risen to new, saintly heights with A-Cappella, and has finally made it to the top – of the piano (new album ‘Music For Dogs’ coming soon), as well as the position of ultimate power in Business Manager this year. Determined to take us to the ICCA finals in New York, she’s already booked the hotel and won’t let them cancel on us. Her B-Man techniques may yet include subliminally singing her song Don’t Let Me Down to the rest of the group, as a reminder that she will not surrender the deposit under any circumstances.

Course: French and Spanish
One Thing I Can’t Live Without: VSCO Cam (best app in the entire world, get it if you don’t have it)
What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up: An interior designer but I can’t draw for sh*t
Favourite Singer/Band: Luvin Macklemore atm
One Thing I’m Great At: Procrastinating
One Thing I’m Awful At: Saying no to going out
All Time Favourite Song: Budapest - George Ezra